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Bardolino for light reds and some of Italy's best rosé wines

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Northern Italy has the country's largest lakes that were created when glaciers retreated from the north at the end of the latest ice age, leaving behind rocky deposits so moraine soils.

Lake Garda is Italy's largest and is surrounded by wine regions featuring many different grape varieties and styles of wine.

Bardolino lies on the eastern shore and is dedicated to just red grapes, except the southern part where Custoza can also be made. The grape varieties blended in Bardolino wines are similar to those of Valpolicella, but the style of wine is very light and especially the Chiaretto (so the rosé) has found fame in Italy. The Chiaretto rosé Bardolino wine has a long tradition in the area and is considered as one of Italy's best pink wines.

Get a sense of the region with us as we visited last week with lovely Giovanna Tantini who has created her own independent winery producing high-quality wines - see the video hereunder:


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