Private Romantic Castle wine tour

Where and When is the Track Day?

The Track day is hosted at Blyton Park on the 10th October 2021. Blyton Park Old Blyton Airfield
Kirton Road
DN21 3PE

What do I need to make sure I have?

Please make sure you have and bring the following items with you for the track day.

1. A valid Uk Driving License, you must bring this on the day.

2. A print out / screenshot of your VWG Track Day ticket provided by Car Calendar.

3. Driver’s indemnity form (we will send these out via email closer to the date. if not, these can be filled in on site)

4. A Helmet please make sure you bring your own helmet; Helmet hire maybe not be available due to Covid 19 regulations

5. You must make sure your legs and arms are covered so make sure you bring somthing that covers you up, long armed shirt and jeans will be fine.

Is there a noise limit?

Yes Blyton park have a noise limit of 95db on a drive by.

Do drivers and passangers have to wear a seatbelt?

We still can't belive the fact we have been asked this, Yes all drivers and passangers have to wear a seatbelt when on track. If you are caught not wearing one you will be kicked off site faster than you can say "VW Group"

Are spectators allowed and how much are tickets?

As this event is being hosted in October, we are confident that spectators will be allowed to attend considering the current Covid regulations, but of course we will update you if this changes and if spectators need to do anything before attending.

Spectators for the VWG track day will always be free, we don’t believe in charging for spectators at events like this once!

What do you mean by "We take driving standards and etiquette very seriously at the VWG Track Day" ?

It's honestly quite simple if you are not following the rules put in place by Blyton park and VWG staff or you are driving like a moron putting yourself, passengers, other drivers, and spectators in danger you will be black flagged and depending on severity of the situation you could be removed from the day all together with no refund and you will not be allowed to return in the future.

We at the VWG understand that you can make mistakes but there is a difference from an honest mistake to being a danger to yourself and others.

Don’t want to get black flagged? Drive to your capabilities, don’t show off, follow the rules and you will have a great time without seeing the black flag.

Is this event shared with the Performance French Car Magazine?

Yes, as is the same as last year we will be sharing this day with our sister magazine the Performance French Car Magazine, all this means is there will be some French cars out on track.

This is down to Blyton Park not having the availability for us to run two sperate days or we just can't get the numbers to make is possible to run the event, believe it or not running a track day is expensive.

If we ever have the chance to split the event into two separate days, we will do so!

Is this Track Day just for VW Group Cars?

Short answer yes, long answer no.

We will be sharing this day with our sister magazine the Performance French Car Magazine so you will see French cars out on track and in the paddock. So, if you have a friend with a French car, you can invite them just, they must get tickets from the PFC website

Can other make of cars come that are not VW group or French made, no not really.

We will make expectations but only in certain situations and with expressed consent from the VWG / PFC Team, contact us if you need to ask!

Is there food and drink on site.

Yes Blyton Park has a brilliant Cafe on site so you can buy food and drink. We still suggest you bring your own snacks and water however just in case!

Can I time my laps?

No timekeeping / pace making of any sort is allowed on the track day.

what vehicle prep do you suggest.

We suggest you check everything :)

Tyre, Must be in good condition and check pressures
Brakes, In good condition and best to check them occasionally through the event. Engine, Your engine will be under greater use than normal. Check all belts and fluid levels are correct. Suspension, Suspension and steering parts will define how well your car handles on the track; always ensure that these components are in good condition. Towing Eyes, Make sure that you know where your towing attachment is are located. Towing eyes need to be fitted prior to sighting laps. Items in your Car, before you go on the circuit make sure that you remove everything from the car that is not firmly fixed down. Also make sure you remove everything from the boot of the car. Lights, Lights must be in working order. Brake lights or rain light must be on the car. Insurance, Insurance is not compulsory and is your choice.

Can I cancel my booking?

If for whatever reason you can't make the event, you need to inform us at least 14 days before the event then we will 100% refund you if not we will deduct £40 from whatever you paid and refund the rest.

Private tours are exclusively run for the party of people who have booked. No group-ups will occur. The Grape Tours' private tours are fully escorted and include the roundtrip.

We accept group sizes from 2 to 8 people.

In the all-inclusive private tours, 2 winery visits of our choice are included with tastings and a typical Tuscan lunch. We base our choices on what we believe are the best places to experience, and we're quite picky!

You can customize your tour with any specific request (winery or restaurant). Please get in touch with your ideas, and we'll send you a quote.

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The Chianti Classico region is dotted by castles, medieval towers, and abbeys or monasteries. Some have been converted into wineries and are privately owned.

Most were fortressed and date back to sometime between the 11 and 15 hundreds when the area was contested between Florence and Siena. The castles functioned as summer residences for the nobility and were handed down from generation to generation.

After WWII the class system was demolished and properties were slowly transformed. In some cases, they remain private, but often they have been renovated or are in use of the winery adjacent to them.

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HOW DOES THE GOURMET LUNCH WORK? When it's time for lunch, we'll drop you off at our favorite gourmet restaurant in the region. You'll have a couple of hours of intimate dining with 3 courses, wine included. The restaurant host will cater to your taste, so the meu will run over with you before you start in order to cater to your taste.