Private Romantic Castle wine tour


On this very special day we will head for two of Chianti Classico's top wineries for Super Tuscans. As always, we search out the best wineries for a top experience for great wine, quality of the experience and location. Our first winery is famous for making only IGT wines, so escaping the rules of Chianti Classico altogether. The sole purpose is to produce the highest possible quality wines with that single thought in mind. We'll visit the prestine cellars to understand how this thought is put into practice and we'll end by a tasting of the great wines of the estate. At Dario Cecchini's restuarant we'll sit though a meal with servings of 3 different steaks, the Costata Fiorentina, Bistecca Pazanese and the Bistecca Fiorentina. It's a special affair that takes a couple of hours, but if you love good food and company this is a very special experience. In the afternoon we visit a second winery, historically famous for its Super Tuscan wines. We'll enjoy another winery tour and taste wines both regional and featuring the international blends.


● Guided 8 hr excursion by our English speaking expert Grape Guide! ● Visit 2 top notch wineries with tours of vineyards & cellars. ● Tasting of some of Tuscany's best olive oils ● Steak menu at Dario Cecchini's in Panzano in Chianti

Price & tour info

Prices are in Euro, are per person, and are all-inclusive of: ● Guided roundtrip escorted by Grape Tours wine expert ● 2 winery visits with tastings of Grape Tours' choice ● Delicious gourmet lunch at a local restaurant. Full-day (8-9 hrs) from Florence for a min. of 2 people and a max of 8 with the following prices: 2 people: €550,00 per person 3 people: €400,00 per person
4 people: €350,00 per person 5 people: €325,00 per person
6 people: €300,00 per person 7 people: €275,00 per person 8 people: €250,00 per person

Private tours are exclusively run for the party of people who have booked. No group-ups will occur. The Grape Tours' private tours are fully escorted and include the roundtrip.

We accept group sizes from 2 to 8 people.

In the all-inclusive private tours, 2 winery visits of our choice are included with tastings and a typical Tuscan lunch. We base our choices on what we believe are the best places to experience, and we're quite picky!

You can customize your tour with any specific request (winery or restaurant). Please get in touch with your ideas, and we'll send you a quote.

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The Chianti Classico region is dotted by castles, medieval towers, and abbeys or monasteries. Some have been converted into wineries and are privately owned.

Most were fortressed and date back to sometime between the 11 and 15 hundreds when the area was contested between Florence and Siena. The castles functioned as summer residences for the nobility and were handed down from generation to generation.

After WWII the class system was demolished and properties were slowly transformed. In some cases, they remain private, but often they have been renovated or are in use of the winery adjacent to them.

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HOW DOES THE GOURMET LUNCH WORK? When it's time for lunch, we'll drop you off at our favorite gourmet restaurant in the region. You'll have a couple of hours of intimate dining with 3 courses, wine included. The restaurant host will cater to your taste, so the meu will run over with you before you start in order to cater to your taste.