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Short classes in Florence

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Grape Wine Club

Want to continue experiencing high-quality wines shipped to you from Florence and delivered to your front door?

Become a member of our Italian Wine Club and never miss an interesting Italian wine again. You can choose the wine plan that fits you best and receive 12 or 24 bottles yearly to keep discovering Italian wines from small wineries around the boot. Our focus is Tuscany, but we would like you to explore wines from all 20 regions of Italy, grape by grape.


  • Each shipment generally contains 80% reds, 20% whites (or rosé) from different Italian wine regions (unless you should wish otherwise).

  • Learn about and enjoy rare Italian wines that you wouldn't have found in your local stores!

  • Wines are selected by our panel of Italian wine experts.

  • We have a focus on small, sustainable wineries in Italy.

  • Shipped directly from our wine shop in Florence and delivered to your doorstep!

Included in every wine club shipment is a description of each wine, so you may easily know which Italian wine region they come from, and what grape varieties they contain. This way it becomes a pleasure to learn more about Italian wines and you'll be prepared for your next trip to beautiful Italy!

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