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Private tours are exclusively run for the party of people who have booked. No group-ups will occur. The Grape Tours' private tours are fully escorted and include the roundtrip from Florence.

We accept group sizes from 2 to 8 people.

In the all-inclusive private tours, 2 winery visits of our choice are included with tastings and a typical Tuscan lunch. We base our choices on what we believe are the best places to experience, and we're quite picky ;)

But you can also customize your tour with any specific request (winery or restaurant). Please get in touch with your ideas, and we'll send you a quote.

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WHAT ARE SUPER TUSCANS? Super Tuscans were born in the 70'ies & 80'ies back when DOC regulations were too restrictive for some producers to make high-quality wines, either limiting the kind of grapes grown or the blending rules.

Super Tuscans today are difficult to define but refer to a concept of high quality that goes beyond regulations, a wine-makers' wine, rather than a regional wine as it knows no recipe nor border (yet, Tuscan it should be).

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WHO IS DARIO CECCHINI?  Dario is a humble yet famous, ethical, and poetic butcher of Panzano who fights for animals' rights to a decent life and a respectful end. Starting from his family's butcher shop, he has built an emporium to celebrate life through good meat.

There are several menus available, this one focuses on Tuscany's fame of steak.

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