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Ciao, I'm Ilaria Miele

 I was born & raised in Tuscany by a family of food lovers

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My Story

Growing up in Tuscany provides a unique opportunity to embrace the simplicity of rural life, along with its rich food and wine traditions.

My fondness for cooking blossomed early as I spent countless hours in the kitchen with my grandmothers. From a very young age, I was an avid and inquisitive eater, always eager to explore new flavors.

Following my degree in Communication & Journalism, instead of immediately seeking a job and settling down, I followed my passion for travel. I purchased a one-way ticket to Australia, where I resided for about a year. In Melbourne, renowned as the 'Australian restaurant capital,' I found myself working at a prestigious Italian restaurant. This experience not only enhanced my English skills but also broadened my understanding of the world of wine. My time in Australia crystallized my career aspirations: I wanted to work in the food and wine industry. Upon returning to Italy, I diligently pursued this dream.

In the unpredictability of life, I fortuitously met Rebecca, the founder of Grape Tours, through mutual friends. Our partnership began in the restaurant business, which we successfully owned for over 7 years. Simultaneously, I pursued WSET wine education to deepen my knowledge of the wine industry. As Rebecca and Pierre initiated Grape Tours, I joined shortly after, becoming one of the first tour guides.

In a nutshell, I am now a mother of two wonderful (in 2025, 3!) girls so my focus is on the 'backstage' aspects. I now manage most of Grape Tours' guest emails, bookings, and tour planning, although during our busiest times, I occasionally dive back into the excitement to lead some tours.

Direct contact to Ilaria Miele

Veteran Grape Tours guide/part owner

You can contact me by email or Whatsapp!

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