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Single vineyard wines in Chianti Classico with Podere il Palazzino

Chianti, or more precisely Chianti Classico, has been around the block a few times since it’s official birth a little over 300 years ago.

The concept of Chianti came from field blends that led to a rigid recipe based on typical grape types often made in a cooperative way mixing different lots from various areas within the Chianti region -- rather than focusing on the characteristics of the actual fields the grapes came from.
This tendency has now flipped and more and more great wineries are focusing on the expression of the single vineyard plots, or cru wines as the French would have it.

Ahead of his time, Alessandro Sderci took this approach already in the 80’ies. His Argenina and Grossosanese are single-vineyard wines that showcase the differences of sites. Zoning has only become trendy in more recent times, as can be seen from for example the Ricasoli’s new single-vineyard wines skillfully created by winemaker Massimiliano Biagi. 

Back at Podere il Palazzino, a small family winery in the southern part of Chianti Classico with a view that stretches all the way to Montalcino, Alessandro Sderci is now sided by his son, Edoardo. They continue their common project, year by year improving their knowledge about the land interpreting its various aspects into the most delicious wines.

Here we are checking out a thirty-year-old Chianti Classico from the mythical 1990 vintage.


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