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7 Wineries in Tuscany to have DINNER IN THE VINEYARD

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

If planning your spare time or the next trip around food & wine is your favorite hobby, this is for you.

Tuscany’s gastronomic delicacies & its world-famous wines are waiting to be explored; what better way than combining your wine-swirling with a dinner lazing amongst lush vineyards?

This way you can place your culinary desires into the hands of an expert, enjoy the views of the rolling hills e bring back truly unique memories of your trip.

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 best wineries that offer this truly memorable experience in Tuscany! At the bottom of this post, there's a map so you can see where the farms are located precisely.


Located near Castellina in Chianti, the organic winery of Querceto di Castellina is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food, wine, and hospitality of the Di Battista family.

Querceto produces high-quality Chianti Classico wines and also arranges DINNERS IN THE VINEYARD: after the aperitivo (cocktail hour), you'll be seated at the beautifully decorated long table in the Livia white wine vineyard. An amazing gourmet 4-course dinner, cooked up by local restaurant Albergaccio di Castellina, will unfold under the glow of fairy lights amongst the vines.

For those who want to stay, the estate also has fully-restored 15th-century charming apartments in a tranquil and picturesque setting.

WHEN: 1 dinner per month (June, July, August, September)

PRICE: 130 euros a person


CONTACTS: +39 0577 733590

vineyard dinner in Tuscany
Summer vineyard dinner - photo courtesy Querceto di Castellina


La Palagina is a winery, agriturismo & farm nested on the hills of Chianti, and is a neighboring estate to Sting's winery, Il Palagio. Besides the production of wine & olive oil, over the years the winery has added complimentary activities to their company’s portfolio such as summer camps, farmer’s markets, hiking & bike tours & special events to explore the flavors of the territory of Chianti like the DINNER IN THE VINEYARD: a flavorful traditional Tuscan dinner (prepared by the team of Da Burde) served with the estate’s wines & live music to entertain guests.

WHEN: Wednesdays & Saturdays during summer

PRICE: 38 euros a person (20 euros for children under 12 y.o.)


CONTACTS: +39 055 0107364

Vineyard dinner Tuscany
Vineyard dinner in Chianti at La Palagina


Perched on the Chianti hills near the village of Sant’Andrea in Percussina, La Percussina is the realized dream of Joe Mastrangelo and Marta Santoro that moved ‘back home’ after years of work & travel in several foreign countries.

The estate has a sustainable approach & produces 3 organic red wines & olive oil.

The couple also arranges various ‘uncommon events’ or ‘theme parties’ that include several DINNERS IN THE VINEYARD during the Summer months.

WHEN: Summer, ask the farm for further details

PRICE: Based on the event

TYPE OF EVENT: Depends on the event

CONTACTS: +39 338 5667627

Dinner at a vineyard in Tuscany
vineyard dinner close to Florence


Located in the Chianti of the Hills of Pisa wine region, Pietro Beconcini is an organic winery with a unique history that combines both tradition & innovation. Starting from selecting local clones of Sangiovese which is the predominant grape in Tuscany, Pietro’s family decided to study the ‘mysterious grape’ found in their estate that turns out to be, after DNA analysis, surprise, surprise, Tempranillo! This was the start of a new winemaking adventure that made this winery well-known in Tuscany for the production of this ‘unusual’ grape that found its way into Italy on medieval trade routes that crossed the estate.

You can celebrate with the Beconcini family the first weekend of September when they host the FESTA DEL TEMPRANILLO, a DINNER IN THE VINEYARD to taste local specialties including the famous T-bone steak, all bathed in the wine of the estate.

WHEN: 1, 2, 3 September 2023

PRICE: 70 euros a person


CONTACTS: +39 0571 464785

vineyard dinner in Chianti
vineyard dinner - photo courtesy of Pietro Beconcini


The name Pieve de’ Pitti comes from the Florentine Pitti who owned the estate until the end of the XVII century & is located on the southern edge of the municipality of Terricciola, not far from Pisa.

This winery & farmhouse produces a various range of wines (red, white & rose) & olive oil, all of which are farmed organically.

The estate, with its Renaissance villa, is the ideal setting for events of any kind such as weddings, wine tours, picnics &, of course, dinners that can be arranged on request.

The most popular event though is their DINNER IN THE VINEYARD, hold every year the first or second week of September to celebrate harvest time.

WHEN: September 10th (in 2023)

PRICE: 80 euros a person


CONTACTS: +39.0587.635724


Poggio Molina is a historical winery & farm located in the Valdarno area (near the town of Arezzo), one of the first areas of production of high-quality wines in Tuscany since the 16 hundreds.

The farmhouse & estate focuses on the production of Sangiovese & Chianti wines along with wines with an international flair based on Cabernet & Merlot & recently also released a sparkling wine.

Among the many activities available for the guests of their apartments & wine lovers, they offer also DINNER IN THE VINEYARD, a private party that can be arranged on request.

WHEN: weather permitting in spring/summer/fall

PRICE: 70 euros a person


CONTACTS: +39 3939327573

vineyard dinner at Poggio Molina
vineyard dinner - photo courtesy of Poggio Molina


Castiglion del Bosco estate is a luxury resort, a well-known winery & golf club. An exquisite treat for the ones heading to Montalcino, the homeland of Brunello wines. Moreover, they’ve created a tightly selected service for their sophisticated guests ranging from excursions of all types to events. And, yes, you guessed it! During harvest time there's an exclusive DINNER IN THE VINEYARD, overlooking the stunning countryside of Montalcino with live music.

WHEN: September 19th

PRICE: 320 euros per person


CONTACTS: +30 05771913750

vineyard dinner table in Montalcino
vineyard dinner in Montalcino - photo courtesy of Castiglione del Bosco

This list was last adjourned in 2023 - details & prices could alter in the future...

By Ilaria Miele & Rebecca Christophersen Gouttenoire


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