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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

After 8 weeks of lockdown, Italy is getting ready for phase 2. Over the month of May, different kinds of businesses will reopen. Museums will open mid-May. Hairdressers the first week of June (so do forgive us our wild hairstyles!).

We still don't know when tour operators will be able to open, but in any case, it'll be gradual as it depends on when people will start to travel again.

We're taking the steps to be super protective towards our guides and guests. We'll wear masks, offer masks to those in need of one & have sanitizer at our office. We'll do small groups (individual tours to start with), and only do private visits at the wineries (we've always done that anyway). We'll choose the places that are the best for social distancing so our guests can feel comfortable and be safe. Here's the link to the tour we'll be offering to start up again #makelifegrapeagain.

So, we're patiently waiting for the situation unblock. If you're missing a taste of Italy, you can order delicious Italian wines from small wineries - help a vintner and drink excellent wines! What could be better?!

And, here's I'm sharing our new fashionable grape mask, not so bad, right?! Underneath you can see the video of how they are made (actually made by Mirco of Cantina Canaio - a small winery in Cortona)!


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