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Gone with the Grape - short grape stories

Usually, by April we're in full swing showing our guests the budding of the vines and tasting the fruits of previous great vintages. While nature takes its usual course, and vineyards are slowly starting their yearly cycle, the wines are well kept inside the winery cellars, and we're all waiting at home until the quarantine comes to an end.

The tours are still suspended (get updates here) and we'll hopefully be back in action soon when people are allowed to circulate again. When the time comes we will, of course, be taking all the safety measures and downsize on the tours, use a hell of a lot of sanitizers, even wear masks if need be.

To occupy our minds with what we love (wine!) and simultaneously distract us from the terrible virus raging through the world, we've started doing small videos of the wines that we're drinking and that we think may be interesting for you to find out about.

Pierre Gouttenoire is a winemaker from France and will be curating the video-stories of the French wines.

Rebecca Christophersen Gouttenoire is an Italian Wine Scholar and will naturally be doing the Italian wines.

So, we hope we can entertain you a bit with these as we all wait to be travel again, which will be a fantastic moment, indeed.

You may find the videos released here:

Here's a sample of the very first episode:


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