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A free class on the Wines of Tuscany

One of the very enjoyable moments we have in Florence (at least before the pandemic) is to welcome curious wine lovers and introduce them to the Wines of Tuscany.

We would do a 1-2 hr informal class going through a bit of history, and then hitting the major regions and their grapes. All whilst sipping 6 different wines, of course. It's a great way to start off a journey in the region, to better comprehend the Italian designation system (DOC, DOCG versus IGT) and how it all hangs together for the regional wines.

Getting familiar with the main grapes is also recommendable to avoid being clueless when reading a wine list or heading into the wine country and speaking with staff or winemakers at the wineries. As we all know, knowledge is power, and when it comes to wine, it also adds a dimension that makes the tasting and drinking of the bottles more enjoyable.

This year has clearly been challenging both for our wine tours and the classes and we profoundly miss meeting wine lovers and travelers from around the world. So until this dreadfully challenging time comes to an end, we're happy to share, in the only possible way, our passion for our region and its wines.

So we're offering our Wines of Tuscany class for FREE on Youtube. You can watch the video class at your own pace, and if you feel you need to taste the wines (obviously highly recommendable), we can send them to you! In fact, you can purchase the complete 6-bottle tasting pack that features the exact same wines we would open during a Tuscan Classics wine tasting and enjoy them from home. Next best thing to being in Tuscany yourself!


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