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Terracotta Amphora from Tuscany

Updated: May 10, 2020

In the past 10 yrs, it has become more and more common in Tuscany to spot terracotta Amphoras inside the winery cellars, just like the Etruscans and Romans used to store wine and oil. Between then and now other materials had found their way into wineries such as glass, wood, cement & steel. Terracotta closes the circle. Old is new.

The Manetti family in Tuscany is famous for the creation of one of Chianti Classico's most well-renowned wineries, Fontodi, with iconic wines such as Flaccianello della Pieve. But long before venturing into making wine professionally, they were making terracotta tiles and amphoras just outside Impruneta (just south of Florence), where the best clay was to be found.

Presently, together with the master Giovanni Salvianti, they make some of the finest Amphoras there are, even exporting their pieces as far away as California and South Africa.

Giovanni is the very essence of a fine artisan. His whole life philosophy coincides with his craft, where the earth materializes into everlasting vats that contain the poetry of life; wine.

He couldn't be a happier man. And watching him handcraft an amphora is truly fascinating.

Watch our video to see the creative process (or at least part of it).


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