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Italy's newest DOCG

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Terre Alfieri DOCG

Not every region in Italy can boast a DOCG certified area, but almost! The most recent addition to the most prestigious list of wine regions is called Terre Alfieri and is another wine region of Piemonte, in Asti, that allows for the production of a white (Arneis) and a red (Nebbiolo), so very similar to a neighbouring region called Roero (which we have already featured in our wine club this year!).

I know the Italian designation system for wine can be a little confusing. So many geographical names and not much mention about the grapes. But if you view it as wines that simply come with a certificate of origin, plus representing a specific style or standard according to grapes allowed and their terroir. Basically, a Chianti must come from and taste like a Chianti and not like a Shiraz from Australia or a Pinot Noir from Oregon.

We now have 77 DOCG regions and countless - or so it feels when you try to memorize them - DOCs. DOCGs are generally more prestigious and do go through an extra step of control, yet both can be viewed pretty much the same way.

A DOC region can be upgraded to DOCG only after a long period of showing a superior potential and after various bureaucratic instances. The last few to have put their names on the map of DOCGs have been Nizza (still Piemonte), Tullum (in Abruzzo), and now this Terre Alfieri.

The latter was so named after the noble family Alfieri of Asti that ruled in the region and goes back to the times of the Guelfi and Ghibellini. See a comprehensive map of Italy with its DOCG regions here.

You can learn much more about Italy and its intriguing regions doing an Italian Wine Prep course (a certification program by the international Wine Scholar Guild) with our online courses in January, February & March '21. This would make an excellent Xmas gift for someone you know who loves Italy, wine, food, or travel.

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