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Fixer to Fabulous - Italiano

Updated: Mar 10

I've met such amazing people over the years doing wine tours, it truly is magical! My husband, Pierre, for one. I already wrote a post about how we met.


Over the span of two decades, I've been blessed to cross paths with wonderful souls from across the globe, each leaving their mark on my life. 


One such memorable encounter took place approximately 15 years ago with Dave & Jenny Marrs during their honeymoon in Italy. Since then, they've expanded their family (now boasting 5 kids!) and pursued a family business centered around rescuing and restoring ancient homes. Their endeavors culminated in a successful HGTV show, "Fixer to Fabulous," which debuted in 2019 and is currently in its fifth season, not counting a special "The Welcome Inn" which sees the Marrs rescuing an old mansion and turning it into a B&B.


Over the years, I have seen the Marrs again on several wine tours in Tuscany. Since their honeymoon, they have a deep love for Europe, especially Italy, and now spend as much time as possible exposing their kids to the charms of the old world. During the tumultuous era of the pandemic, the Marrs seized the opportunity to journey abroad as soon as borders reopened. Meanwhile, Pierre and I had recently acquired Campo Sasso, relishing in our newfound escape from city life amidst lush greenery. As we savored a leisurely summer day grilling in the garden, our combined children played with water guns to fight off the summer heat. We were eager to hear what our friends from abroad thought of the old property which was evidently in need of a caring hand.


With glasses of Chianti in hand followed by a splash of Bourbon (a nod to our blended cultures), the idea sparked: the Marrs proposed lending their expertise to renovate our farmhouse, potentially featuring the project on their show.


Indeed, such is the magic of wine tours—bringing together unlikely connections and igniting extraordinary possibilities.


Fast forward a year since the start of the Campo Sasso renovation project (photo above), and the entire journey with its ups and downs is set to unfold on HGTV in the US starting the evening of March 12 and for the next 5 weeks!

PS. The show will air around the world in different times, none of which is known to us at this moment.


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