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Outside the box, winery Poggio La Noce, Florence

If you're a wine producer in Tuscany, chances are that you are one by descent, in terms of family tradition and/or inherited land. Some people embrace their lot in life as their family duty, especially where noble family names are concerned. Others find a real passion for their "lottery ticket". Of course, I'm just joking. Being a farmer is a tough job, but a beautiful one, indeed. It also happens that the story ends when there is no one to take over, or whoever is there to take over would rather become a lawyer and work in the city, for example. Nothing wrong with that. Then a family could be forced to sell their farm. So if you are looking to take over an established winery in Tuscany, there are opportunities...just sayin'!

Here you have a different story, and for this area it's unusual. Enzo and Claire decided to start a winery pretty much from scratch, which is no easy task here in the Old World. Particularly not in bureaucratic Italy! 20 years on, they made it and are producing beautiful organic wines in the hills northeast of Florence. See their place and hear the story in my short video:


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