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Short classes in Florence

Are you curious to know more?

Tuscan Classics w/5 wines & 5 cheeses in tasting

Sundays at 5.30 pm

1.5 hr wine class w/5 Tuscan wines matched with 5 Italian cheeses

Group class: will run with a minimum of 4 participants - max 10.

85 euro p.p.

The Tuscan Classics experience is for you who want to dig a little deeper and taste the most well-known regions and styles of Tuscany. Say you already enjoy drinking wines from different places, you’re visiting Florence and you want to spend an afternoon educating your palate a little.

Then this tasting is for you!

Your wine coach will take you through the history of Tuscany and its wine-growing regions. We will teach you how to taste wine & how to read the label. As we taste, we’ll go through the main historical wine regions of Tuscany and you will get a deeper understanding of the king of Tuscan grapes, the Sangiovese. We will talk about the concept of terror and the Italian designation of origin.

This experience is both informative and fun. You will learn a lot and taste 5 top Tuscan wines from different areas, including the famous Brunello di Montalcino and a Super Tuscan blend!

Each wine will be matched with an Italian cheese to fully appreciate the wines and their perfect pairings. You will thank yourself the next time you are selecting a wine to bring to a friend’s dinner party or to pair with your next meal. 

The wines tasted (and others) will be available for purchase (& shipping) after the tasting.

N.B. this is a small group experience and will be confirmed if a minimum of 4 people sign up (hence payment is not required at the moment of booking). Groups will not exceed 10 people to ensure a personable experience.

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Tour of Italy in 6 glasses

On-demand: Come to us or we come to you

2 hr wine class

Private class

Price will be quoted according to the number of participants & location

The Tour of Italy experience is for anyone with an interest in wine. You enjoy Italian wine but you want to know more so you can increase that enjoyment? You’re headed to Florence and what could be better than learning Italian wine – maybe just for the sake of being able to order the wines you like at a restaurant?

Then this tasting is for you!

With a refreshing approach, your Sommelier will take you through a variety of themes to build up your Italian wine knowledge. We will teach you how to taste wine properly & how to read the label. We’ll go through the main wine regions of Italy and their grapes to understand the styles of wine made. You will also understand the concept of territory and designation of origin.

This experience is both informative and fun. You will learn a lot and will taste 6 top Italian wines from different areas around the boot.

N.B. This class is offered upon request and according to availability. Send us your inquiry and we'll give you our availability and quote.

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