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Italian Wine Institute

Take a short informative class or a certification course and become an Italian Wine Scholar

1.5-hr tasting sessions in Florence

On Sundays in Florence, you can learn all about Tuscany's wine regions. The "Tuscan Classics" class is run by a professional wine coach in English and 5 different wines will be served, along with 5 matching kinds of cheese.

Your presenter will give you a comprehensive overview and background for understanding Tuscany's unique and exciting wine world. You will do a comparative tasting of the "classic" wines to get the basis for understanding this historical yet in some way pioneer region of Italy.

The highlight of this class is the chance to taste a selection of carefully selected Tuscan wines.

You'll have the opportunity to compare wine regions and learn about the flavors and characteristics of different wines and discover your own personal preferences.

Whether you’re new to wine or already a seasoned wine lover, this is the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into Tuscany’s wines.

Become an Italian Wine Scholar

The Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) certification program is an advanced course of study and academic in nature. Endorsed by the Italian Trade Commission (ITA), it is designed for those aiming to specialize and set themselves apart from their wine industry peers. The course is comprehensive in nature and requires a substantial time commitment. Prior knowledge of Italian wine is recommended. This is a certification program. Successful completion (passing the exam) confers an internationally recognized post-nominal IWS.

The program is set up with 2 Units that cover all the Italian wine regions, got-to-know appellations, and grapes. The courses are offered in Florence as a 4-day boot-camp format twice a year (November & March) with a 100-question multiple-choice exam at the conclusion. 

Study wine in Florence

2 Units

The courses in each of the two units cover Italian wine law, history & geography, grape varieties, viticulture, winemaking, wine industry trends, and economics, and all DOCs and DOCGs with their regulations, wine styles, and specificities. This core body of knowledge is important whether you sell wine, buy wine, or teach about wine. The IWS program allows wine professionals to set themselves apart from their peers by specializing in the wines of Italy. It’s a great resource and supplement for students of wine moving toward advanced and general wine study programs.

Please notice that the Units do not have to be taken in a specific order!

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