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Montenidoli - winery in San Gimignano


Montenidoli is a secluded winery on its own hill in San Gimignano that you arrive to after a few km up a steep white road. The winery is owned by Elisabetta who came to the region from Siena before the area became renowned for its white grape, Vernaccia di San Gimignano.
She immediately started to restore the farmhouse, drill for water (130 meters) and clean up the old vines that had been abandoned and were overgrown.
Her approach was from the beginning to apply organic principles with great respect for nature. The property has vineyards surrounded by forest and each is planted with great attention to terroir - this is what determines a very low yield, giving very high quality and personality.
She stuck to the native grape varieties, even when it became mainstream to plant international grapes in the 90’ies. Elisabetta’s approach has paid off, as the winery has reached a sort of cult status within San Gimignano and in Tuscany for the production of white wine of high quality and longevity.

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