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Le Chiuse - winery in Montalcino


Lorenzo’s mothers’ family descends from the Biondi-Santi family in Montalcino, who are attributed to have invented the concept of Brunello di Montalcino. Lorenzo, one of 3 siblings took a huge passion towards the winemaking to the family’s great content, and has already been directing the winery for over a decade. It was one of Montalcino’s first organic wineries, and has always been a producer of clean and elegant traditional style Brunellos. One of the great novelties of Le Chiuse is the retaining of the Riserva Brunello, which in Lorenzo’s opinion should distinguish itself further from the regular Brunello. So it’s only released after a 10 year ageing inside Le Chiuse’s cellars. Since you’ll probably be visiting in 2020, you’ll be the lucky to get the amazing 2010 vintage!

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