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Castello di Sonnino - winery in Montespertoli


Sonnino is one of those Tuscan treasure that oozes of centuries, maybe even millennia of history. It’s seen the times of it being a border for the trade of salt between the city states of Pisa and Florence. The family of Barons produced a statesman, Sidney, who became prime minister in the early 19 hundreds. It estate always served as a farm, but only took it present form with the work of Alessandro and Caterina. They decided to renovate the villa and to live and work at the farm to bring it back to its former grandeur. Today the wine production is fundamental, but also an excellent olive oil (Laudemio) is made. Besides, the couple work with foreign academies bringing students to study the Tuscan way of agriculture. Sonnino is also one of the world’s handful of Gucci places.

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