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Castello dei Rampolla - winery in Panzano in Chianti

Chianti Classico

Castello dei Rampolla is run by sister & brother Maurizia & Luca, who since their fathers' passing in the 90'ies have taken over with a great passion for what he started, the biodynamic approach to growing the vineyards. This means no chemical sprays or treatments, and several more green approaches like using cover crops or manure and spraying only natural, dynamic products to wave off diseases or bugs. The winery itself is a step back in time, with a few modern touches. The use of cement vats has taken its way for fermentation and storage (instead of stainless steel) whereas oak (mainly French) is used for the ageing. Experiments using terracotta vats for a specific wine with no added sulfites are also being made, an experiment that is now spreading throughout the area as it is also where terracotta has its origins in Tuscany. The estate is beautiful and feels untouched by time. And the people and their approach are down to earth and humane, even though this is one of the most respected and famous wineries of the area.

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