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Capezzana - winery in Carmignano


​With only 200 square hectares of DOCG productive land in Carmignano, Capezzana is the biggest producer and yet compared to other large wineries around Tuscany the farm remains quite untouched by time. It is run by Conti Contini Bonacossi family members hands-on, and considering that the once 7 children of the original Count and Countess (who have now passed) are now in their prime with their own children are now young adults partaking in the family business - well then this really makes it a unique property in Tuscany. In good Medicean tradition, the Carmignano is made following the recipe containing cabernet (imported from France by the Medici family in the 17th century).  Also very good is the Super Tuscan "Ghaie della Furba" (a blend of Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah) and the Vin Santo (yum!). Totally fantastic is the olive oil produced in the family Frantoio (olive press) made from Moraiolo and Frantoio varietals. The tour of Capezzana is quite impressive as the property is really beautiful and you will get to see some historical cellars.

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