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Boscarelli - winery in Montepulciano


​Boscarelli makes the best wines of Montepulciano. Ok, maybe that's a slight bit subjective, but I'm a big fan of this winery. The reputation of the De Ferrari family goes beyond me and is very high both in Montepulciano and abroad. The De Ferrari brothers (nope they have nothing to do with the race car brand!) have succeeded in producing the some of the most traditional wines with a clean, modern flair - and, first of all, with lots of passion for making something tasty & good. Today brothers Luca & Nicolò take care of every aspect of the winery. Luca is responsible for the cellar, whereas Nicolò takes care of vineyards. For a small winery, they've obtained an incredible ranking and success, landing amongst the very best of Montepulciano.

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