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Bacchereto - winery in Carmignano


This wonderful winery in Carmignano is owned and run by Rossella, a passionate producer of biodynamic but traditional and extremely tasty wines in Carmignano.  The villa in which the winery has its home (and so does Rossella with her two daughters), originates from the time of the Medici in Carmignano. Being at the top of the hill it was a perfect place for them to go hunting inside their Barco Reale wall, and Bacchereto was founded first as a hunting lodge. Some 100 years ago it passed to Rossella's family, but only with Rossella herself and her ambition to turn this farm into a cult winery did the wines that we can drink today see the light. The villa and farmhouse keeps its ancient charm so it's like stepping back in time. Every detail couldn't have more perfect, and yet only time and the cure of passionate people have left the farm in such a fantastic condition. The red Carmignano is fantastic (a little ageing would do it well), the white wine is peculiar as it is complex and made like a a bit special.

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