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This is our new olive oil brand hailing from the region of our farmhouse, Campo Sasso. Chianti Classico is most famous for its excellent wines, but it's also home to one of Tuscany's four DOP regions.


We contribute to the production with our own 150 olive trees and the olives are pressed at the region's best olive oil press, Pruneti, just a few minutes' drive from our farmhouse.


The harvest is in October/November and we will have the preordered bottles ready for shipping by mid-November 2023.


Please remember, we ship by the 6's, so 6, 12, 18, 24, 32, 36, etc (you can mix and match as you please)


The shelf life is officially 1.5 yr from bottling, but an olive oil like ours, packed with natural antioxidants, can easily last up to 4/5 yrs (though we doubt it will last you that long).


Packaging: glass bottle of 500 ml

Olio del Campo - organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chianti Classico DOP 2023

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