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The winery:

Maremma is the large area that starts south of Montalcino and stretches over a large amount of land reaching the far corners of Tuscany to the south. The area has finally got its own DOC that unites all the different wines in the area under one appellation. However the style of wines under this appellation is vast as is the origin of people who have inhabited the land. Like Gregorio who is originally from the north of italy and fell in love with this wild land and decided to make a small winery.


The wine: 

This Sangiovese is definiitely an expression closer to the northern parts of Maremma with quite a lot of elegance, super well balanced and overall delicious.

Maremma Toscana Sangiovese DOC 2019, II Civettaio

  • 0,75cl

  • Sangiovese

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