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The winery:

The Chianti region is frightfully vast and boasts a whole 7 subzones of which Montespertoli is one of them, an appellation that takes its name from a small hilltop village in the area. Podere dell’Anselmo is a family farm managed by owner and wine lover Fabrizio. The farm has around 20 horses, and is otherwise surrounded by vineyards to produce estate wines of great quality. 


This wine:

This Riserva is an extremely well-balanced wine which already after 5 yrs shows a very good complexity and drinkability. Pop it open a couple of hrs before drinking to breathe.

Chianti Montespertoli Riserva 2019 DOCG, Podere dell'Anselmo

  • 0,75cl

  • Sangiovese

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