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Ciao, I'm Jessica Haden

Born in the USA but Italian at heart

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My Story

I was raised in the United States and a deep fascination with food has driven me since a young age. 


Wanderlust set in during my early twenties and while studying linguistics for a semester in Ferrara, I quickly fell head-over-heels in love with Italy as soon as I understood just how much life here revolves around food and wine. 


I subsequently returned for a master’s program in Italian Gastronomy and Tourism amidst the dreamy hills and foggy vineyards of Piemonte. 


And because I just couldn’t get enough of all the gastronomic delights, I decided to remain in Italy after graduation. I continued to eat and drink my way through the bel paese and spent time serving in the dining room of a 3-star Michelin restaurant, harvesting olives and grapes as a farmhand, and navigating Italian bureaucracy.


My adventures led me to Tuscany, where I worked as the Education Director at a sustainable farm and estate near Siena, enlightening interns and guests from around the globe. 


I eventually made my way to Florence with my old Fiat Panda and cookbook collection, eager to start a new chapter.   


Joining the team at Grape Tours – a family company focused on showcasing genuine quality and true expertise – was an opportunity too good to pass up! 


When I’m not doing tours, you’ll find me keeping busy with many other projects – including teaching a course on food and culture to American undergraduate students – and exploring the vineyards and wine bars of Italy, Europe, and beyond.

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