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The winery:

The Selvapiana winery is situated in Chianti Rufina, the northernmost subregion of Chianti well into the Appennine mountains to the northeast of Florence. Selvapiana is one of the most historical wineries in the region famous for its very high-quality wines. The winery is owned by siblings Federico and Nicoletta whose father managed the property during his whole life and finally received it as an inheritance when the noble family who owned it didn't leave any heirs.


This wine:

Bucerchiale is the name of the oldest vineyard of the winery where this beauty hails from. Aged for 5 years in the winery before being released to give the very best that the region has to offer.

Chianti Rufina Riserva "Bucerchiale" 2017 DOCG, Selvapiana

  • 0,75cl

  • Sangiovese

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