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Nicolò De Ferrari on Montepulciano

Here’s a title that could confuse in several ways!

Now, let me start by introducing Nicolò who’s one of the two De Ferrari brothers who make distinctive and delicious wines in the region of Montepulciano in Tuscany. The family name De Ferrari is incidental and there’s no connection with the racecar ;)

And I already gave you a hint that the Montepulciano that we’re talking about is the region, not the grape. Yes, confusing indeed. Italy has a grape called Montepulciano which grows extensively in central Italy on the eastern Adriatic side of the country (Abruzzo, Le Marche, etc). Whereas Tuscany’s claim to fame is Sangiovese, and that’s also the grape that excels in the region of Montepulciano in Tuscany.

As beloved children have many names, so does our Sangiovese grape. In Montepulciano, the region, it's nicknamed Prugnolo Gentile. One of the things that makes it such a fantastic grape, is its ability to fit into different terroirs and to express its origin in the wines. It’s so extraordinary that wines made with the same grape, bear the names of different locations rather than the grape name, so Chianti, Montalcino and Montepulciano to mention a few.

One of the best interpreters of Sangiovese in Montepulciano is the Boscarelli winery. This video will give you a feel of the place and of Nicolò’s approach – hope you enjoy! If you do, please give it a “like”, follow to see more videos like this in the future, and share with your friends.


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