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After the reveal: Annette's checking out Campo Sasso

Updated: Jun 2

A few weeks after the HGTV reveal, our friend and stylist Annette Joseph (@annettejosephstyle) who has renovated a home in the Tuscan Lunigiana (northwest corner of Tuscany) came to see how Campo Sasso was looking and I gladly accepted the gesture to see what her professional eye might have caught. You'll have to see the video to know ;)

By the way, Annette's home is not just a house, it's a freakin' Fortress!!! And it's an absolute dream! Make sure to watch the video and like it and see Annette's fortress here.

Do you want to see Campo Sasso? We don't just age the cheese, we also make olive oil and wine. And on the Chianti Tradition tour, we stop at Campo Sasso for an olive oil tasting!


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