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2015 Brunello di Montalcino - 5 star vintage

When it comes to the world of collectables, the B's are on the top of the list: Brunello, Barolo and Burgundy and Bordeaux (not necessarily in that order, of course).

In Italy, Montalcino, where Brunello is made, keeps its number 1 position in terms of value - it's still Italy's most expensive wine on the market (followed by Amarone and Barolo). Prices of planted hectares have skyrocketed selling for up to 1 million euro per hectare (2.5 acres)!

The 2015 Brunello vintage is now being released (after the obligatory 5 calendar years of ageing) and is being presented at the much-celebrated event in February Benvenuto Brunello (anyone can join - tickets can be purchased online on the Consorzio website). There is much anticipation as the vintage '15 was rated 5 ⭐️ - a welcomed rating after a difficult 2014 vintage.

In James Suckling's top 100 wines of the world, 11 Brunello 2015s made it on to the list taking a few of the top spots. This is clearly a sign that Montalcino is producing top-class wines, and that the Brunello-craze is by no means over. In fact, next time we would love to take you to see some of the best producers in the area on a Tuscan Wine Tour to Montalcino!

Here's a video that we at the famous Casanova di Neri winery with winemaker Giovanni Neri. He displays the beautiful family values of hard work and striving towards excellence in the products.

You can find Casanova di Neri's other 5-star vintage 2012 on


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