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Ciao, I'm Gabriele Alessandroni

Wine is the only art you can drink!

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My Story

I was born in Italy in a beautiful village by the sea on the east coast called Pesaro.

My great passion for food and wine led me to the decision to pursue a career in hospitality. I became a Sommelier more than 15 years ago and started working in restaurants. This allowed me to travel to different countries and get to know the world of wine in a professional way. I lived in Russia and England working as a wine director for almost seven years, but it was too cold and rainy, so I decided to come back to Italy. 

When I had to choose which city to live in, I met Rebecca and Pierre who asked me to make the beauties of wine in Tuscany known to the whole world with wine tours.

How to say no?!

Once you arrive in Italy, you understand that it is beautiful, but Tuscany is even better, so I decided to stay in Florence to share the hidden beauties of the Tuscan wine regions with you!

In the meantime, I never stopped studying and I became a wine educator for WSET and the Italian Sommelier Association, that’s why when I am not on tour you can find me teaching or tasting wine somewhere in Florence, which makes me a real wine nerd!

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